Vintage Pocket Watch – A Brief Overview

Vintage pocket watch

You might have dreamed for your own a vintage collection. A beautiful Vintage Pocket Watch will complete your wardrobe. Every Vintage watch has a story behind it.

The history of Pocket watches is quite interesting to know.

  • The Pocket watches developed in the 16th century. The pocket watches are a fabulous status symbol in those old days. The hard rock look watch with a beautiful chain attached to it. The Chain is decorated with beautiful carvings.
  • The 16th-century heavy drum shaped watches with brass cover; pierced to see the time without opening.
  • The decorated huge diameter watches changed in the 17th century. The pocket watches became more beautifully crafted and smaller in size.
  • The Pocket watches were a luxury item until the 18th century.
  • It comes in widespread use from the 19th century. You might have craving for your own vintage Pocket Watch. It’s high time now; you should get a classical gift for your own.

Types of Vintage Pocket Watches

Hunter Cases Vintage Pocket Watches: The vintage collection watches are usually come with hunter cases. You may own an antique hinter-case collection watch with lid-hinge at the 09:00 hrs position. Modern hunter-case pocket watches have the hinges for the lid at the 06:00 hrs.

Open-Faced Vintage Pocket Watch: An open-faced watch was designed by a polish watchmaker. It also looks classical. You can also buy an open-faced Vintage Watch. You can also buy demi-hunter with an outer lid with a glass panel, to view its hands. The watches came with rich designer styles. A Vintage Pocket Watch is a perfect tool for the waistcoat of a stylish man.

How to select the best Vintage Pocket Watch

There are some important points you should keep in mind before buying a Vintage Pocket Watch.

You should determine the value of the watch by the parameters like its model, its age, its quality and its unique features. The age of the watch must not be less than 75 years. The price varies with the age of the watch. You may find an affordable watch which is not old enough but looks antique.

RelatedEngraved Pocket Watch Buying Guide

You should research the popular Vintage collection before buying one. It should be a well-maintained Watch. If a watch looks damaged or dirty from outside, it might be in very poor condition inside. Don’t overlook the case and the chain. Check the brand and the style of the watch. Don’t compromise the cost after all; a Vintage Pocket Watch is good investment option over a long term. You should check out the jeweled watches with at least 15 to 17 jewels.

Try to learn more and more about the story behind your Vintage Pocket Watch. If you are in love with the old-fashioned style and elegance; and still don’t have a Vintage watch, it’s your time to buy one.

You can find the mechanical Vintage collection, skeleton Vintage Collection, and some Engraved Vintage Collection watches. Present your love with a beautiful Vintage Pocket Watch and a classy Albert. Just go through the Vintage Pocket Watch online shopping page. You can’t resist buying one.

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