Types of Pocket Watch Cases

Pocket watch cases

There are mainly 5 types of pocket watch cases. Let us take a look.

Demi-Hunter Case

The Demi-Hunter Case is just a variation of the hunter case style. A tiny window is present in the lid so that the wearer of the pocket watch can easily check the time as and when required without opening the entire lid. It provides the convenience that comes with an open-faced case with the protection that is provided with the help of a hunter case. As far as pocket watches of the Europian origins are concerned, demi-hunter cases are quite common. Although, they are rarely seen in American pocket watches. Still, they are one of the most common types of pocket watch cases and they are widely used in manufacturing pocket watches across the world.


In pocket watches containing hunter cases and demi hunter cases, the stem is at the “3” position. In open face cases, the winding stem is at the “12” position. This positioning is done by design itself. The positioning of the dial feet, seconds bit and the winding arbor is what primarily differentiates the open case and hunter case movements of a pocket watch.

When the mounting of a hunter case movement is done in an open face pocket watch case it is known as a side winder. The winding stem is positioned at the “3” position instead of the normal “12” position. Even though it does not cause any difficulty or a hassle in the operation of the watch this kind of positioning is not considered right. Also, most of the people are used to the standard “12” position in a watch. It is a little difficult for them to get acquainted with this new positioning system which might cause unnecessary inconvenience at times.

The matching of the case and the movement of the watch is not proper. People should only call such watches side winders if the case is open. The most common mistake many people do is that they call hunter case watches side winders.

Pair-Cased Watches

Pair cased pocket watches are one of the rarest forms. It is likely that you won’t find one easily unless it is passed down from an older generation. It has an inner case for holding the movement of the pocket watch.

Open Face Case

When no metal cover is present on the dial of the watch it is known as an open face case. There is a crystal present over the dial of the pocket watch which is mostly made up of mineral glass.

Hunter Case

If a metal casing is present over the dial of the pocket watch then it is known as a hunter case. The lid can be closed in order to protect the dial, crystal, and the hands.

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