Steampunk Pocket Watch – A Brief Overview

steampunk pocket watch

A pocket watch was indeed the best tool of fashion and style for a man in the late 16th century. But now the time has changed so as the watches. Now the pocket watches are craved by both men and women.

There are various kinds for the pocket watch.

One of them is the Steampunk Pocket watch. A Steampunk Watch is a perfect blend of sophistication and style. Steampunk watches come in a range of styles, and sizes. You might find a simple Steampunk pocket watch, but most of them are showy. Some of the Steampunk pocket watches are purely decorative pieces. It is quite difficult to pick one from the gigantic collection. You will never regret buying a Steampunk pocket watch as every single piece is unique in its creativity.

Types of Steampunk pocket watches

  • Full-Hunter Pocket Watch – This type of pocket watch has a cover on the front. The cover got its name as a hunter from the culture of hunting in the 16th century. The cover has beautiful engraved designs.
  • Double Hunter Pocket Watch – This type of watch has a cover on both sides. The user can see the gears of the watch from the back cover.
  • Half-Hunter Pocket Watch – The name comes from its half cover. This type of pocket watch has a cover that has a hole to see the time without opening it.
  • Open Face Pocket Watch – This type of watches have no cover. You can easily check the time, but it needs more protection from damage.

Steampunk watches come in all the types. You can pick any of the style, either shiny one or a bold beast look.

Buyer can find a number of vintage collection Steam Punk Watches. You can buy a silver or gold pendant Steampunk watch for your partner. There is some funky collection of Steam Punk Pocket watches available online.

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Steampunk pocket watches are the best timepiece for steam engine lovers or the engine drivers. You will fall in love with its amazing design, sleek carving, and beautiful skin with tiny gears. You must have one in your pocket. The pocket watch is as similar to your heart as it also beats with style. Steam Punk watches also comes with engraved covers, stunning chains, and belt loop clips. It can give you a perfect formal look and a casual look at times. The best part of Steam Punk watches is that it comes in Unisex style. You can make a pair gift for some lovely couples.

Make sure you checked these things before buying a Steam Punk Watch:

  • The brand name – There are a lot of Brands of Pocket watches. Be careful about Brand name before buying a timepiece.
  • The style of the watch – It should match with your personality. Never compromise on any point, remember you have infinite options available.

The amazing art behind the Steampunk watches allows some piece worn as pendants. You will fall in love with the beauty of Stem Punk Pocket Watches. You can buy a special piece for some very special occasion like your wedding.

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