Pocket Watch vs. Wrist Watch

Pocket Watch vs. Wrist Watch

Before resolving the dilemma of pocket watch vs. wrist watch let us take a look at both these watch types separately.

Wrist Watch

A wristwatch is a timepiece that is worn by a person on his wrist. It is attached with the help of a strap or a bracelet. Wristwatches became popular only after the World War I. They progressed in the 17th century. At first, these watches used a mainspring for generating the power to keep them in a running condition. A quartz watch was invented in the 1960s which used a vibrating quartz crystal and a battery to gain power. Gradually, the quartz watches took over the entire market and mechanical spring powered watches started to decline.

Most of the inexpensive watches we see today are quartz watches that are meant only for timekeeping. Wristwatches are two types- digital and analog. In a digital watch, the time is displayed by means of digits electronically. An analog watch is more of a traditional timekeeping device that displays time in the form of a minute hand and an hour hand with numbers.

As far as wristwatches are concerned both analog and digital ones are equally popular. Some of them even have enhanced features such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, timer, GPS, calculators, etc. Earlier, digital watches used to be out of reach of the common man but now most of the people can easily afford them.

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Pocket Watch

A pocket watch is a timepiece that a person is meant to carry around in the pocket. They were the most popular form of watches before the World War I. When they first began there was only an hour hand that used to display time. The minute hand was invented only during the later half of the 17th century. Pocket watches are available in a wide variety. They are mostly known for their historical value. Younger generations feel pride in owning a pocket watch passed down to them by the older generation. As wristwatches came into the trend the sale of pocket watches saw a drastic decline.

Wrist Watch vs. Pocket Watch

The type of watch you decide to wear totally depends on your preference and choices.

1. A wristwatch is merely used for the sake of timekeeping whereas a pocket watch is adored for its historical significance and is one of the best antique items for a real collector.

2. A pocket watch is more about uniqueness rather than just for the sake of keeping track of time. They display a certain level of elegance. A wristwatch is more of a utility item and is very common.

3. A pocket watch can be worn in many ways whereas a wristwatch can only be worn around the wrist. Men can wear pocket watches with suits, vests, and many other types of attire while women can wear them as a locket around their neck.

4. A pocket watch can be put on for the purpose of display.

Both kinds of watches have their own pros and cons. But mostly it is a matter of choice and depends on the individual who wishes to purchase either of these watches.

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