Pocket Watch Chain Buying Guide

Pocket watch chain

Pocket Watches are the best timepieces for men and women. The style and the class come with its unparalleled design, size, chain. Your stylish pocket watch is kind of incomplete without a stunning Chain. You might have a craving for a stylish look with a T-bar Albert with your classical Pocket Watch in your waistcoat pocket.

A Pocket Watch Chain can add the perfect flavor to your style. It acts as a catalyst to your style symbols. You can’t keep your amazing piece of the pocket watch without a chain. There are thousands of options available for Pocket Chains. You have to select a perfect match for your watch from such a mammoth collection.

Pocket watch chain has mainly three categories:

  • Buttonhole Chain – It has a flat toggle bar that fits into the buttonhole.
  • Sports Pocket Watch Chain – One end of this chain is connected to pocket watch and the other can attach to the belt loop or the button. It has clips on both ends.
  • Albert Pocket Watch Chain – It is a beautifully designed pocket watch chain. Albert Pocket Watch Chain has one or two side chain for connecting other items. It has a clasp at one end and a toggle bar to secure it to a buttonhole. It can be worn with waistcoat.

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You can find the belt slide chain or a bolt ring chain. You should also check some other parameters like length, your pocket watch type, and style. And the last but not the least parameter is the type of material used:

  1. Gold or gold platted Chains – You can buy a gold chain or a gold plated chain for your pocket watch. This can be a beautiful gift for your beloved. You may find a vintage collection of gold pocket watch chains. These chains also come with beautiful pendant key-rings.
  2. Silver Chains – There is a large collection of silver pocket watch chains available in the market. You can buy a special silver chain with stylish skeleton head to your boyfriend, husband, or your son who is mad on his skeleton watch.
  3. Leather Straps – The straps for Pocket watches are made of thicker leather to hold the watch easily. There is no fear of scratching; like in metal chains. The Leather Straps come in rich brown leather, elegant texture, and a beautiful slit attached to it.

You can wear a beautiful single Albert chain or a double Albert chain to get a royal look on some special occasion. It got its name from Prince Albert, husband of Queen Victoria. It comes with the classical spring rings and T-Bar. Women can make it their beautiful necklace using lockets or other jewelry items as the pendent.

Your pocket chain must blend well with your Watch. You should check the quality of material to make it long lasting. The Rust on your rocking chain is no more than a nightmare to you. If you have a pocket watch without a chain, it is time to get one for your piece of Time.

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