Mechanical Watch – A Brief Overview

Mechanical Watch

A Pocket Watch is an amazing part of the watch world. Mechanical Pocket Watches are the best classical timepieces. A rock mechanical pocket watch with a heavy leather band is a perfect gift for a man.

Mechanical Watches are powered by gears and springs. Mechanical Pocket watches were in their highest demand during the 18th century and early 19th century. Most of the vintage collection pocket watches are with mechanical movement. The best part of this watch is that you have no worries about the batteries.

How a mechanical watch works

A mechanical watch has a mainspring, a gear, and an escapement. When the owner wind-up the spring of his watch, the spring put force on the first gear in the train of gears. This gear train reduces the force and applies a small amount of pressure. The release of energy regulates the time by turning the hands of the watch. This is indeed a complex mechanism.

Some other components of a mechanical watch balance wheel, pallet fork, Escape wheel, and jewel. It must be wound daily. You should do it carefully and avoid over winding.

There are two types of movements of a Pocket Watch.

Quartz Movement – This is battery powered movement. It lasts for 2-3 years. If you are looking for a regular basis pocket watch, you should buy one with the quartz movement. Modern watches come with Quartz movement.

Mechanical Movement – The mechanical movement gives the pocket watch an antique look. These watches come with a nice mechanical display. The very first pocket watch from the 16th century comes with key-wind motion.

Modern wristwatches come with stem-wind motion. Mechanical Pocket Watches come with hand-wind movement. You should wound it until tight. An Over winding can damage your timepiece.

The Mechanical Pocket Watch is based on micro mechanical engineering. It has intricate gears and other parts intertwined together. You have to be very careful while winding your mechanical pocket watch. Remember, you have an advantage that the battery never dies. There is no battery in it. This is an awesome gift for your beloved father. Think of old-time winding of watches.

Before buying a Mechanical Pocket Watch, you should check out some points like the brand, the quality, the warranty period, and the chain attached to it. You should also check the jewels. It should be either 15 or 17 jewels mechanic hand movement.

You can find a Mechanical pocket watch with skeleton hunter case. You can also easily get your mechanical pocket watch engraved. Mechanical pocket watch can be clubbed with T-bar chain or an Albert styled chain.

You can find an overwhelming set of mechanical watches. Mechanical Pocket watches come with both Victorian and modern looks. Every single watch has its own quality, decoration, and style. The mechanical pocket watches are highly precise and beautifully fabricated timepieces. Most of the Mechanical Pocket Watch has antique look, like an old vintage collection of pocket watches. Check the age and the story of the Vintage Mechanical watch before buying it.

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