How to Wear a Pocket Watch

How to Wear A Pocket Watch With A Vest

Unlike the traditional wristwatch, a pocket watch is meant to be carried around in the pocket. They have a chain attached to them in order to secure them with a belt loop, lapel or a waistcoat. This prevents the watch from dropping. You can also mount the watches on small leather straps when the long chain seems to be a little cumbersome. There are mainly two types of pocket watches- Open-face and Hunter-case watch. The former doesn’t have a protective metal lid whereas the latter contains a metal covering meant to protect the crystal.

Pocket watches are some of the favorite styles of watches for most of the people till date. The timepiece is a combination of refined class and elegance along with simplistic complexity.

How Pocket Watch Enhances Your Personality

Wearing a pocket watch gives a boost to your style quotient. The type of pocket watch you prefer reveals a lot about your overall personality. Let us take a look as to how a pocket watch can play a major role in the enhancement of your personality.

1. Such a classic timepiece in your pocket denotes a certain level of elegance which inevitably draws attention towards you.

2. Be it a formal look or an informal event, you can pull off these pocket watches at any occasion whatsoever.

3. Another way how a pocket watch can enhances your personality is the craftsmanship behind it. Many things that go into the construction of a pocket watch are not things that can be easily produced and assembled in a factory. The exquisite designing and the details incorporated by various craftsmen for several months is something worth appreciation.

4. You can also pass on this masterpiece to the next generation as a souvenir.

5. A pocket watch indicates a connection to the past. Wearing one would simply mean that you wish to be connected to your roots.

6. Pocket watches used to be an indication of wealth and class, and to some extent they still are. So, if you are going for a unique or classy look then a pocket watch is sure to turn heads on the way!

Here are some other benefits of wearing a pocket watch instead of a regular watch.

1. A pocket watch has a coating that prevents oxidation of the material. It is more durable than the modern wrist watches.

2. It is a blend of ancient masterpiece design combined with modern technology that makes it better.

3. As far as being trendy is concerned the variety of chains you use with a pocket watch easily comes into notice. So, instead of just blindly following the latest trend you become a trendsetter.

4. Another misconception is that since a pocket watch follows an ancient concept, it is way overpriced. In fact, it’s not true. If you closely look at the material and the craftsmanship involved in constructing a pocket watch you will realize that it is totally worth the money. In fact, some high-quality pocket watches are cheaper than the regular watches. The price totally depends on the level of luxury.

5. A wristwatch has become a very common gift item nowadays. If you wish to gift someone a watch and want it to be unique you can totally go for a pocket watch. They make excellent presents for birthday gifts, anniversary gifts, centenary or other fancy occasions.

6. Most wrist watches are not battery powered. While some people may consider this as a disadvantage, what they don’t see is that they don’t have to worry about the watch stopping out of a sudden. If you wind it regularly you don’t have to fret over getting the battery changed every few months.

7. Regular watches fade away with time and have a limited life. But due to the sturdy build and the durable material used to make a pocket watch, it lasts longer and doesn’t get worn out. Even branded and the most expensive of all wrist watches tend to be delicate. On the other hand, a pocket watch can withstand tougher circumstances than a wristwatch with ease.

8. Most people associate a pocket watch with train conductors and men in general whereas it looks really pretty n women as well, especially if they wear it around their neck.

9. Since a pocket watch always remains in your pockets it is less prone to mishaps and accidents as compared to a regular wristwatch. When you purchase a wristwatch it is necessary for the watch to be waterproof in order to avoid spoilage due to exposure to harsh weather conditions. But since a pocket watch is in your pocket as well as has a protective metal lid, it is easily protected from dust and water.

10. In contrast to the popular opinion that it doesn’t come in many designs, nowadays pocket watch is available in a large variety. It is also available in beautiful colors such as golden, silver, white, black, grey, brown, etc. Not only the watch, the chain comes in different varieties too.

Some chains are made up of karat gold; some are gold plated whereas some are made up of silver. Irrespective of their material, the chains of a pocket watch consist of a hook that is used for holding it onto the watch and the garment and a specific kind of catch.

How to Wear A Pocket Watch With A Vest

How to Wear A Pocket Watch With A Vest

A vest is typically designed for using a chain in order to carry a pocket watch. The watch is placed in the pocket of the vest and a stylish and elegant chain or dangles are secured to the vest. Take a look at how you can pull off wearing a pocket watch with a vest.

Basically, you will be needing two items-

  1. A pocket watch
  2. A pocket watch chain


1. Since there are so many styles and types to choose from, select a chain that you think suits you the best.

2. Connect your chain to your vest in the most appropriate style. There are many ways to attach a pocket-watch chain to your vest.

  • Most chains are secured in a buttonhole. From this buttonhole, this chain is attached to the watch that is kept in the pocket of the vest.
  • Some chains are secured to the buttonhole with the button itself.

3. Keep the watch in the pocket that is on the opposite side of your dominant hand. Place the watch in the pocket that faces your body in order to easily access it.

How to Wear A Pocket Watch Without A Vest

Even though traditionally pocket watches are worn in the vest pocket, there are many ways to wear a pocket watch without a vest. Some of them are listed below.

1. It’s not necessary to dress sharp or go over the top in order to wear a pocket watch. You can also combine it with your regular clothing and create your own combo of a casual yet classy look.

2. Wear your watch in the pockets of your pants or shorts. You can clip the chain to the pocket top, the loop of the belt or the waistline. Watches with a larger face or a dial are perfect for such a look.

3. Avoid using a watch with a small face as it will create a difficulty for you in reading the time. You might even have to unhook it to see the time which can turn out to be pretty inconvenient. Although, if you are extremely fond of watches with a small dial then you should consider wearing a long chain with it for a hassle-free experience.

4. Even though we perceive pocket watches to be a domain of the rich, anyone can easily pull off the look with some confidence and proper clothing. You can opt for a classy cum retro look by wearing it with overalls. Keep the watch in the pocket of the front bib and you are good to go.

5. Chains containing fobs can be wrapped around the button of the overall. Just attach the clip to the hemline.

6. A heavy rugged chain with boots, shirt or overalls, and a cap can contribute to a funky as well as a classy look.

7. Next time when you wear a Halloween costume, make sure to check out whether you can incorporate a pocket watch with your outfit. If you can, don’t miss the chance to look unique and turn a few heads in the party. After all, amidst all the goth and gore it’s nice to have a little touch of some elegance!

8. A pocket watch would go really well with themed outfits as it is considered a bold statement nowadays.

9. Hemlines work wonders for hooks. The fobs can be wrapped around the buttons and can also pass through buttonholes.

10. Opt for a heavy, thick and a bulky chain to create a punk look with cargo pants. Those pants are rugged and the chain can add to the swaggy look. A T-shirt with a skull design will just act as a cherry on top!

11. In the olden days, women used to wear pocket watches around their necks. You can replace the pendant in your locket with a watch for a feminine and graceful look.

12. If you don’t want to go for the traditional chained look for your watch you can replace the chain with a ribbon of the color of your choice and just tie it around your neck for a simple yet royal look.

13. Some people even like to dress up their toys such as huge teddy bears and wrap the pocket watch around their neck. Even though in this case you are not wearing the pocket watch directly but it definitely enhances the interior of your home.

How to Wear A Pocket Watch With Jeans

Even though pocket watches were originally meant to be worn with waistcoats, in today’s world jeans is one of the most common attire. So, the big question that arises is that how can one pull off an ancient styled watch with a modern garment? A combination of the older vintage look with the modern wear is sure a tricky one but not impossible.

  1. If you are an avid jeans wearer you must have noticed that jeans have a small pocket Just inside the main pocket in the front. I have always assumed that it was meant for something like keeping loose change. But according to some people that tiny little pocket inside the main pocket can be effectively used for placing a pocket watch. Of course, it depends on the size of the pocket watch you are planning to use.
  2. You can match the chain of the pocket watch with the color of your belt buckle to make a nice combination and give out a trendy vibe.
  3. If you end to wear a belt with jeans then you can attach one end of the chain to your pocket watch and another end to your belt loop. In fact, you have to be mindful of the size of the ends. Make sure that the smaller end is attached to your watch and the bigger nd to the loop on your jeans.
  4. A chain measuring around 14 inches is the most appropriate for wearing with jeans- neither too short nor too long.
  5. You can also tuck one end of the chain of the pocket watch under your belt or clip it on.
  6. If you wish to match the chain with your belt you can also get it in leather.

How to Wear a Pocket Watch with a Suit

A suit is one of the most elegant outfits a man can wear. Wearing formals can make a man feel powerful. You get only one chance to make a good first impression and suit plays a major role in the way people judge a man’s personality. And a suit topped with a pocket watch gives a sharp look. It draws ample of positive attention towards you and portrays a mature persona. It radiates self-confidence and makes you unique. You look and feel different from the crowd out there. The psychological effect on you and the people who surround you is extremely positive.

  1. You can keep the pocket watch in a suit jacket and attach its chain at the buttonhole.
  2. There is a nearly invisible pocket along the waistcoat of trousers which can also be utilized for wearing a pocket watch.
  3. The side pocket of your trousers would also go well for a pocket watch.
  4. There are certain things you should keep in mind when you should know before you start using a pocket watch.

1. Key Wind

Pocket watches in olden days were key wind and there used to be certain key set movements where the winding of the watch was carried out using an actual key. The trick was opening the back of the case and inserting the key just above the setting arbor or the wheel meant for winding over the winding arbor. This setting arbor is connected to the minute wheel.

2. Stem Set

Stem wind movements or as they are popularly known as stem set movements were introduced in 1850 by Patek Philippe, a famous watchmaker. There is a dial present at the stem of the watch. The wearer simply winds the watch using this dial instead of a key.

3. Lever Set

The Lever Set used to be the standard for most of the conductor or railroad watches. Even though it was around a long time after 1908, this wasn’t a very popular or widely used style of winding a pocket watch. There is a bezel or a crystal containing a setting to unlock the stem. When the stem is unlocked the wearer can easily wind the watch. Once the pocket watch is set, the crystal and bezel close on the dial and the lever is pushed into the watch. Sometimes there have been instances in the past where accidental time changes occurred due to key winding or stem-winding. A lever set was a way to avoid such incidents.

4. Pin Set

A tiny pin is present next to the stem that the wearer is supposed to move or push. This allows the wearer to set the time. A pin setting is easier to use as compared to other forms of winding.


Even though it is quite rare to see someone wearing a pocket watch in today’s modern world but isn’t that what makes it unique? It still holds an important position in the hearts of real collectors and people who are fond of antiques. According to the assumption of most people, it is essential for a watch to be expensive or rare in order to catch the attention of collectors or horologists. On the contrary, it’s the story or the history behind pocket watches that actually counts. Even though they are considered a gentleman’s timepiece it looks equally elegant on women.

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