Engraved Pocket Watch Buying Guide

Engraved Pocket Watch

The pocket watches are made up of various materials like gold, silver, platinum, and other metals. Metals are the best material to get engraved. Getting your Pocket Watch engraved is a lovely idea to personalize your timepiece.

You can get a pocket watch engraved with something special to present it to someone special. You can ask for some jewelers or watch dealers to get your watch engraved.

There are two types of Engraving that are done on the skeleton watches:

Handmade Engraving – This involves the tracing using a pointy scribe and a chisel called Burin. In this type of Engraved Watches, some parts are decorated with various designs.

Machine-made Engraving – This is done by using various techniques. Chemical Etching is a technique used for more precise Engraving. In this technique, a UV-sensitive varnish is used for making the design. And then it is exposed to the UV Rays. Some other techniques are Laser Engraving, Mechanical Engraving and many more. Mechanical Engraving is generally done to enhance the numbers and letters on the movement.

Things to know before you get your watch Engraved:

  1. Make sure you discuss the details of size and spacing.
  2. Check how much it affects the resale value.
  3. Keep the text simple, the surface you can engrave on a watch is limited.
  4. Every metal watch can be engraved, but you should select the place wisely.
  5. Choose an Engraving style that matches the style of your watch and the chain.
  6. Think deep before you get your watch engraved.
  7. Check reviews before you purchase an engraved watch.
  8. Select the font that looks clear.

If you are planning to buy a new pocket watch to get engraved, go for it. But do your research before buying a pocket watch. There are numerous brands, designs, and styles available for pocket watches. Select wisely, do some homework before buying a new pocket watch.

You should also take a look at the inner mechanism of the watch before buying. Most of the leading watch brands use Swiss Quartz. It is a very reliable mechanism. Mechanical watches and Vintage Collection of pocket watches come with mechanical hand-wind movement.

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Remember most of the companies have a strict return policy for engraved watches. The resale value gets affected. But if you have a serious relationship, you should go for it. An Antique Pocket Watch with your beloved’s initials engraved on it; will be the best gift ever. But if you have any doubt about your relation, then write it on a paper instead.

Engraved Watches are Full-hunter pocket watches. There is a lot of space for engraving the customized messages. A simple pocket watch turns into the most beautiful and classical Pocket Watch with engraving the most valuable message to your loved one.

You can buy any pocket watch with gunmetal finish that provides the best watch surface to get engraved. An elegant timepiece with plain hunter-cover watch is the best choice to get it engraved.

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