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  • Pocket watch chain Pocket Watch Chain Buying Guide

    You can find the belt slide chain or a bolt ring chain. You should also check some other parameters like length, your pocket watch type, and style. And the last but not the least parameter is the type of material used: Gold or gold platted Chains – You can buy a gold chain or a […]

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  • Vintage pocket watch Vintage Pocket Watch – A Brief Overview

    You might have dreamed for your own a vintage collection. A beautiful Vintage Pocket Watch will complete your wardrobe. Every Vintage watch has a story behind it. The history of Pocket watches is quite interesting to know. The Pocket watches developed in the 16th century. The pocket watches are a fabulous status symbol in those […]

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  • Engraved Pocket Watch Engraved Pocket Watch Buying Guide

    The pocket watches are made up of various materials like gold, silver, platinum, and other metals. Metals are the best material to get engraved. Getting your Pocket Watch engraved is a lovely idea to personalize your timepiece. You can get a pocket watch engraved with something special to present it to someone special. You can […]

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  • Mechanical Watch Mechanical Watch – A Brief Overview

    A Pocket Watch is an amazing part of the watch world. Mechanical Pocket Watches are the best classical timepieces. A rock mechanical pocket watch with a heavy leather band is a perfect gift for a man. Mechanical Watches are powered by gears and springs. Mechanical Pocket watches were in their highest demand during the 18th […]

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  • Skeleton Pocket Watch Skeleton Pocket Watch – A Brief Overview

    The Skeleton Pocket Watch has got its name from its structure. The inside mechanical movement of the watch is shown on its face. The skeleton watch needs to be wound every single day to keep it going. Skeleton watches have amazing artistic looks. Don’t get scared from its name. Their moving parts are visible either […]

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  • Digital pocket watch Digital Pocket Watch – A Brief Overview

    A Digital Pocket watch is a modern pocket watch. It displays the time numerically. It is more user-friendly than an analog pocket watch. Analog Watch: Vintage pocket watches are analog watches, with hands and Roman numerals. The Analog Pocket watch designers were more focused on the style. The pocket watch was considered a luxury item. The […]

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  • steampunk pocket watch Steampunk Pocket Watch – A Brief Overview

    A pocket watch was indeed the best tool of fashion and style for a man in the late 16th century. But now the time has changed so as the watches. Now the pocket watches are craved by both men and women. There are various kinds for the pocket watch. One of them is the Steampunk […]

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  • Pocket Watch vs. Wrist Watch Pocket Watch vs. Wrist Watch

    Before resolving the dilemma of pocket watch vs. wrist watch let us take a look at both these watch types separately. Wrist Watch A wristwatch is a timepiece that is worn by a person on his wrist. It is attached with the help of a strap or a bracelet. Wristwatches became popular only after the [...] Continue Reading
  • Pocket watch cases Types of Pocket Watch Cases

    There are mainly 5 types of pocket watch cases. Let us take a look. Demi-Hunter Case The Demi-Hunter Case is just a variation of the hunter case style. A tiny window is present in the lid so that the wearer of the pocket watch can easily check the time as and when required without opening […]

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  • value of a pocket watch How to Determine the Value of a Pocket Watch

    A potential buyer of a pocket watch needs to acquire some information about pocket watches before trying to determine their value. Determining the value of a pocket watch is a complicated task. So, in order to avoid mistakes, do some research. Many important factors such as the manufacturer’s specifications, cases, and mechanical movements are to […]

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